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Administrative and Constitutional Law

This course explores the principles and concepts of administrative and constitutional law, focusing on the powers, functions, and limitations of government bodies and institutions. Participants will learn about constitutional principles, judicial review, administrative decision-making processes, and remedies for administrative law disputes. 

The Law of Evidence

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and rules governing evidence in legal proceedings. Through theoretical exploration and practical application, participants will learn to analyse and apply evidentiary rules in real-world scenarios, assess the relevance and admissibility of different types of evidence, and master techniques for presenting and challenging evidence during trial.

Criminal Procedure in Mauritius

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, and processes involved in the criminal justice system. Participants will explore the constitutional foundations that shape criminal procedure, including the impact on police conduct, investigations and trials.Through an in-depth analysis of due process rights, participants will examine the guarantees afforded to individuals during criminal proceedings to ensure a fair trial.

Legal Drafting and Opinion Writing Law

This workshop focuses on developing the essential skills of legal drafting and opinion writing for legal professionals. Participants will learn techniques for drafting legal documents such as contracts, pleadings, motions, and legal opinions with clarity, precision, and accuracy. Participants will enhance their writing skills, master the art of legal arguments and opinions in a professional manner consistent with legal standards and conventions. 

Civil Procedure in Mauritius

This course offers participants a comprehensive understanding of the structure and processes of civil court systems, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate civil litigation effectively. Participants will familiarize themselves with key concepts such as jurisdiction, venue, and the parties involved in civil cases, as well as learn the process of initiating civil lawsuit. 

Advocacy Techniques and Court Room Simulation

This course equips participants with the principles and strategies necessary for effective advocacy in legal practice. Participants will learn various oral and written communication techniques to craft compelling legal arguments, gaining proficiency in using persuasive language, tone and structure. The course also delves into the nuances of tailoring advocacy techniques to different audiences, including judges, juries and clients.

Company Law

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of company law principles and regulations governing corporate entities. Participants will gain insights into legal frameworks for establishing and operating companies, ensuring adherence to company law regulations, and mitigating legal risks in corporate activities. 

Trust Law

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of trust law principles and practices, focusing on the creation, administration, and termination of trusts. Participants will gain insights into the use of trusts for estate planning, asset protection, and charitable purposes, as well as strategies for managing trusts effectively and ensuring compliance with trust law regulations. 

Insolvency Law

This workshop provides an overview of insolvency law principles and procedures for individuals and businesses facing financial distress. Participants will learn about bankruptcy, liquidation, administration, and restructuring processes, as well as the rights and obligations of creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings. Participants will gain insights into strategies for managing insolvency risks, protecting stakeholders’ interests, and navigating the complexities of insolvency law to achieve optimal outcomes.

Contract and Obligations Law

This course explores the fundamentals of contract law and obligations, focusing on the formation, interpretation, and enforcement of contractual agreements. Participants will learn about essential elements of contracts, contractual rights and obligations, breach of contract remedies, and legal principles governing contractual relationships. Participants will gain insights into drafting, negotiating, and interpreting contracts, managing contractual risks, and resolving contract disputes effectively within the framework of contract law principles. 

Latest Pension Law Updates for Employers

Designed for employers and HR professionals, this workshop offers insights into the latest developments and updates in pension law. Participants will learn about pension scheme regulations, contribution requirements, auto-enrollment obligations, and retirement planning options for employees. Participants will stay abreast of changes in pension legislation, understand their responsibilities as employers, and make informed decisions to effectively manage pension schemes and support employee financial well-being. 

Application of Data Protection Principles at the Workplace 

This workshop delves into the practical implementation of data protection principles within the workplace. Participants will gain insights into data privacy regulations, consent management, data handling procedures, security measures, and employee training programmes to ensure compliance with relevant laws such as the GDPR. Participants will learn how to protect sensitive information, mitigate data breaches, and uphold individuals’ privacy rights in the workplace. 

EQUIP YOUR EMPLOYEES: For Effective Customer Complaint Handling, Debt Collection and Court Representation

This course provides participants with essential skills and knowledge for effectively managing customer complaints and debt collection processes. Participants will learn how to identify and address customer complaints efficiently while also developing effective debt collection strategies and techniques. Understanding the legal framework surrounding debt collection is emphasized, ensuring compliance and ethical practices. Additionally, participants will gain insights into representing companies or employers in court cases related to outstanding debts owed by customers, equipping them with the ability to navigate legal proceedings effectively in pursuit of debt recovery.

Empowering Workplaces: Understanding the Worker's Rights Act

This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the Worker’s Rights Act, empowering participants with a deeper understanding of the rights and protections afforded to employees. Participants will gain insights into promoting fair labor practices, fostering positive employer-employee relationships, and ensuring compliance with labor laws to create empowered and productive workplaces. 

Work From Home: Legal & Security Obligations of Employees

This course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the legal and security aspects of remote work effectively. Participants will gain an understanding of the legal obligations associated with remote work, including relevant regulations, employment laws, and contractual agreements. Through the implementation of effective security measures, participants will learn to protect both personal and organisational data. The course also addresses cybersecurity threats, risk mitigation strategies and develop awareness of the rights and legal obligations of atypical workers in a remote working environment.


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