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For all courses which are MQA Approved, eligible employers can claim up to 75% refund of fees through HRDC

Compensation and Benefits Administration

Covering the essentials of compensations and benefits management, this workshop explores strategies for designing competitive compensation packages, managing employee benefits programmes, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements to attract and retain top talent. 

Conflict Resolution and Mediation 

Participants in this workshop will develop skills in resolving workplace conflicts effectively and promoting a positive work environment. Participants will learn techniques for facilitating constructive communication, managing conflicts, and mediating disputes to achieve mutually beneficial resolutions. 

Contract of Employment and Termination 

This workshop combines two essential aspects of employment law into a comprehensive training session. In this workshop, participants will learn about the key components of employment contracts, including terms and conditions, rights and obligations of both parties, and legal requirements. They will also explore best practices for drafting clear and enforceable employment contracts to mitigate legal risks.

Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies

This workshop focuses on strategies for enhancing employee engagement. Participants will explore methods for measuring engagement, identifying factors that influence retention, and implementing initiatives to foster a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that motivates and retains employees.

Employee Onboarding and Orientation 

Designed to facilitate the smooth transition of new hires into the organization, this workshop covers best practices for designing and implementing comprehensive onboarding and orientation programmes. Participants will learn how to welcome and integrate new employees, communicate organizational culture and expectations, and accelerate their time to productivity. 

HR Disciplinary Action - Court Representation

This workshop provides HR professionals with guidance on handling disciplinary issues and representing the organization in legal proceedings related to employment disputes. Participants will learn about disciplinary procedures, documentation requirements, and effective communication strategies to mitigate legal risks and upload fairness and due process. 

Performance Management, Appraisals and Allowance 

This workshop focuses on designing and implementing performance management systems that drive employee engagement and productivity. Participants will learn how to set clear performance goals, provide constructive feedback, conduct performance appraisals, and administer performance-related allowances to reward high performers. 

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Strategies

In this workshop, participants learn best practices for attracting and selecting top talent. From crafting compelling job descriptions to utilizing innovative sourcing techniques and conducting effective interviews, attendees will gain practical strategies to optimize the recruitment process and build a talented workforce. 

Strategic HR Management 

Designed for HR leaders, this workshop provides insights into aligning HR practices with overall organizational objectives. Topics include strategic workforce planning, HR metrics and analytics, change management, and fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration to drive organizational success.

Talent Management

This workshop delves into the strategic aspects of talent management, focusing on attracting, developing, and retaining top talent aligned with organizational goals. Participants will explore effective talent management practices, succession planning, and workforce planning strategies to ensure a pipeline of skilled and engaged employees. 


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