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For all courses which are MQA Approved, eligible employers can claim up to 75% refund of fees through HRDC

Business Elegance: Corporate Etiquette, Communication and Grooming Essentials

This dynamic programme is designed to equip professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate the corporate world with grace, confidence, and professionalism. Throughout the workshop, participants will delve into the principles of corporate etiquette, effective communication strategies, and the importance of personal grooming in creating a positive and lasting impression. 

An Intensive Customer Service and Communication Skills

This immersive programme is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive toolkit for delivering exceptional customer service and mastering effective communication techniques. Throughout the workshop, participants will explore the key principles of customer service excellence, including active listening, empathy, and problem-solving. Additionally, participants will learn how to effectively communicate with customers across various channels, resolve conflicts, and manage challenging situations with professionalism and confidence. 

Time Management for Customer Service Professionals 

In this workshop, participants will learn time management strategies tailored to the demands of customer service roles. Through practical tips and tools, participants will learn how to priorities tasks, manage their workload efficiently, and optimize their time to provide timely and effective assistance to customers, ultimately improving productivity and service quality. 

Personal Branding for Customer Service Professionals

This workshop empowers customer service professionals to develop and enhance their personal brand. Participants will learn how to leverage their unique strengths, values, and communication style to create a memorable and authentic customer service experience, ultimately building trust and loyalty with customers. 

Brand Loyalty and Advocacy Building 

This workshop explores strategies for building brand loyalty and turning customers into brand advocates. Participants will learn how to foster strong emotional connections with customers, exceed their expectations consistently, and empower them to become ambassadors for the brand through word-of-mouth and social media advocacy. 

Mastering Communication Skills

This comprehensive workshop focuses on mastering both verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance effectiveness, clarity, and professionalism in all interactions. Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, and real-world examples, participants will gain valuable insights and techniques to improve their communication abilities. 

The Art of Effective Leadership

This is designed to equip participants with the essential skills and strategies to excel in leadership roles. This workshop delves into the key principles and practices of effective leadership. Participants will learn how to inspire and motivate teams, communicate vision and goals clearly, make strategic decisions, and cultivate a positive and productive work environment.


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